I’m the guilty mama

You know you’re a guilty mama like me, when:

  • You feel bad for leaving your little(s) to go on a date/to the gym/to the store/to a friend’s.
  • You feel guilty for not spending enough time with your little(s)/your husband/your mom/your family/your friends.
  • You feel guilty for going to work.
  • You feel guilty for staying home.
  • You feel guilty for having a messy house, but guilty for taking time away from the kid(s) to clean.
  • You feel guilty for pawning them off on grandparents/family/a babysitter.
  • You feel guilty for cancelling plans/rarely┬ámaking plans/always making plans…

Need I go on? Mom guilt is real, but we don’t have to let it dictate who we are.

I’m a worrier and a people-pleaser. Always have been. So, needless to say, I can stretch myself pretty thin sometimes and somehow always feel like I’ve missed something or let someone down!

After having my first little man, EJ, in October 2015, my perspective and priorities shifted tremendously. My second little guy, W, was born in April 2019 and it’s been a wild ride. If you’re like me, maybe you got a little lost after having kids, or a little found – depending on how you look at it. And finding yourself, amidst the chaos of learning how to be a mom becomes a journey unto itself.

This is a little glimpse into my journey navigating the world of motherhood, partnership, and self-discovery, while battling the little voice of mom guilt.

Hope you’ll find something worth reading in here!



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