Parents “waste” a load of time putting kids to sleep

Huffington Post published an article about the amount of time parents “waste” on bedtime routines yesterday. It’s super timely for us, considering our recent struggles.

While it’s timely, the results of the study they cited, which was done by toothbrush company Firefly, are not surprising at all.

Apparently, “moms and dads spend an average of 140 hours a year trying to get their child to sleep, which works out to nearly 18 full workdays.” That is a significant amount of time out of your year.¬†For older children, yes, this sounds pretty accurate. For younger ones and toddlers with sleep issues, I’m sure it’s much higher.

If I do the math correctly, hubs and I have probably spent 100+ hours trying to get E to bed just since the beginning of June!

‘Sleep training: Round 1000’ started last night and was executed entirely by A, while I locked myself away with headphones on, as I am no match for my child’s tortured wails.

What does your child’s bedtime routine look like? And how long does it usually take?