A letter to my little – at six months

I’m lucky to live in Canada, where I got a full 12 months for maternity leave. (And the government has just extended it to an optional 18 months!) It’s an incredible privilege, and should be a right, to spend that first year nurturing your babe.

When I was on mat leave, I did a lot of writing. It was mostly short notes on my phone or iPad, while baby slept or while I breastfed. Sometimes I posted them to Instagram, sometimes they were just for me. Here is a note I wrote to EJ when he turned six months! Man, time flies. Does anyone else do this for their kids – write letters? Emails? vlog?

‚ÄčSince the day you were born, only six short months ago, you have brought an inexplicable amount of joy into our lives. I don’t think the definition of true love is truly understood until you have a child. You are our true love, EJ.

Watching you grow and learn is the greatest privilege. I am learning how to see the world in a new way, as through your eyes. The world is more beautiful with you and your smile in it.

It is an honour to share in all your firsts – from the first time you smiled, laughed, rolled over, screamed to the first time you touched a tree, were blinded by the sun, tasted different flavours, touched your toes.

Daddy and I love you more than any words could describe and we cannot wait to see what the next six months brings.