Postpartum body love

While I wont be taking a selfie in my undies to show my post-baby body, I think this is important to share for other postpartum moms who are struggling with their self image.

As a new mom, struggling to find herself in the mirror, I vowed to love my post-baby body regardless of what it looked like. I have corrected people close to me when we’ve discussed my future weight loss to explain that I want strength and health, not to get back to my “pre-baby body.”

I don’t believe my body will never be the same as it was pre-baby, but I will work to ensure that it is strong, so I can carry my growing boy, and healthy, so I can be a good role model for him.

I am more than okay with my hips, thighs, chest or waist being bigger than it was, because every stretch mark, every extra curve is a reminder of the miraculous changes and journey my body went through in order to bring my son into this world.


If you’re struggling with postpartum weight loss or finding love for your body, body positive artist Rachele Cateyes┬áhas a message for you. Remember this:

Postpartum woes

Here I am, one month #postpartum. Like so many other new moms, I am mostly tired, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed with caring for this new little life, overwhelmed with love, overwhelmed with my new shape, an overabundant milk supply, and day-to-day tasks.
em and me one month
I don’t get to have a shower usually, unless someone is covering for me. I am almost
always soaked in milk. I have only done my hair once this month and put make up on twice.
I live in yoga pants because nothing else fits. I sometimes cry when E cries, feeling helpless when he’s in pain.
I have a love/hate relationship with #breastfeeding. I don’t usually sleep when he sleeps, unless it’s at night. And I usually sleep with him on my chest.
I can’t seem to get us out of the house before 1:00 pm, if at all – mainly because I don’t want to put my sleeping/fussy/awake and alert babe down.
My house is a disaster.
My husband is neglected.
And despite a couple of challenging hours every day, I wouldn’t change any of this.
I am so in love and would do anything for this little human.
I am looking forward to every milestone.